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Over $1.7 Billion Raised Supporting Community Development Financial Institutions since 2000


Founded in 2000, FUND Consulting has worked with nearly 350 clients raising over $659 million in government and local grants, investments and tax credits for its clients. FUND Consulting products are designed to support Community Development Financial Institutions from the initial start-up phase to advanced strategic management.

The Certification and Compliance Center

Obtaining and maintaining status as a CDFI is the essential element of a CDFI business model. The Certification and Compliance Center at FUND Consulting has the dedicated staff and expertise to focus on this important function. Since its inception, FUND Consulting has completed over 470 CDFI Certification and Recertification applications, helping CDFI banks, credit unions, and loan funds obtain and maintain their CDFI status.

FUND Consulting provides the following services designed to obtain and maintain certification:

  • CDFI Readiness Assessments
  • CDFI Certification and Recertification Applications
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Target Market Amendments
  • Matching Funds Management and Subsequent Disbursement Requests


The FUND Consulting team has the capacity and expertise to provide help with understanding markets, accessing capital, and reporting on impact. FUND Consulting has helped organizations understand market needs to enhance and develop products and services through the completion of over 145 market research projects and supported the strategic growth of organizations through the delivery of over 140 business, strategic, and capitalization plans.

FUND Consulting offers the following services which we provide as stand-alone projects:

  • CDFI Application Support and Review
  • Other Funding Applications
  • Market Analysis
  • Capitalization Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Planning
  • Impact Analysis and Reporting

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Strategic Service Packages

FUND Consultants employ a comprehensive approach of linking funding applications to qualitative and quantitative research. This approach, coupled with FUND Consulting’s expertise and insight results in actionable tools to help increase funding and grow organizations.

Strategic Service Packages

Strategic Services Packages offer clients with a comprehensive engagement designed to increase funding and improve organizational effectiveness. Services are based on the three foundations of CDFI management: market, mission, and capital. Packages include the following services:

  • Funding or certification applications
  • Strategic Project(s)
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Liaison to CDFI Fund as needed
  • Ongoing scanning for opportunities
  • Networking and benchmarking with other clients in the cohort
  • Weekly Progress Updates