Manjima Bose


Manjima Bose

Manjima is a community development professional with experience in the industry dating back to 2004. After a brief flirtation with computer science, Manjima majored in English at DePaul University. Her combination of quantitative acumen and strong writing skills landed her a position at a Chicago based CDFI for four years.

In 2009, Manjima joined the FUND Consulting team armed with firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a CDFI.  Manjima demonstrated a strong commitment to the industry and happily for FUND, invested in the organization for the long haul. She quickly climbed the ladder, rising from a Consultant to a Managing Consultant in 3 years.  During that time, her job title could have been that of an air traffic controller, as she successfully delivered and managed projects to hundreds of CDFIs nationwide while helping to manage the growing staff at FUND.

Since that workload didn’t kill her, Manjima was promoted to Partner in 2016.  It also may have something to do with the fact that she is a stickler for quality and timeliness, clients love her, and she has been instrumental in building a rock star consulting team. In 2017, Manjima took the helm of FUND Consulting becoming responsible for coordinating all aspects of consulting service delivery and sales of FUND’s product and services. Manjima currently manages a staff of nine consultants in the delivery of approximately 250 projects on average to 150 clients annually. Since 2012 when Manjima first started managing the consulting team, she has overseen and directly contributed to FUND Consulting raising $349 million for its clients and delivering more than 60 strategic and business plans, over 60 market research projects, 30 capitalization plans, 43 CDFI Certification applications, 60 readiness assessments, and hundreds of recertification and compliance reports. In addition to her role at FUND Consulting, Manjima is a Board member of FUND Community Institute, which conducts research, provides training, and facilitates opportunities for knowledge sharing in the fields of community and economic development.

In addition to her work, Manjima has been a Board Member of Aavegh Dance Troupe since its inception in 2005 and also currently serves as its Executive Director.  A former member of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Associate Board and past AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer, Manjima possesses a strong commitment to community development.

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